Fatal Grove

concept art - print design

Fatal Grove is an imagined video game showcased in the form of a concept art book. This project focused heavily on idea and concept generation, illustration, and print design to build a fantasy world from scratch. This project started as a series of three illustrations based on the theme of Unearthly. They explore compositions of nature, horror, and adventure. These illustrations were then used to set the themes, ideas, and motifs that would later inform the design and story of the Fatal Grove world.
The illustrations featured in the art book range from quick sketches to fully rendered artworks to show the progression of ideas and the illustrative process. The illustrations of the art book are meant to show ideas and concepts rather than pure artistic skill. And to challenge different compositions and subjects such as landscapes, creatures, characters, and vegetation. In addition, a logo and minimal brand identity were made to represent the story and to finalize the project.